When it comes to telling stories with photos, I’ve got that down - but putting my stories into words…that’s not my strong point so bare with me while I tell you about myself.

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’ve been doing this photography thing since 2012. It all started after the birth of my daughter - my third child. I wanted to capture memories of our family to remember all of the fun things we did together when I got old and for them to see as they turned into teenagers and told me we ‘never do anything fun!’ ;) I’m a wife (married my high school sweetheart in 2010) and mother to four beautiful humans that I hope we are raising to be kind + strong people.

I enjoy spending time with my family, decorating my house every other month, eating tacos (I’m actually making tacos as I type this..), getting tattoos and taking beautiful photos of the many awesome people I get to meet.

I would love to meet you and give you memories that you can cherish forever!


located at: 216 s bridge street | grand ledge | michigan